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2017 Advanced Intelligent Information Processing

Important dates

Submission Deadline: Sep 30, 2017
Notification: 7 business days after submission
Notification Due: Oct 15, 2017
Registration Deadline: Oct 30, 2017
Conference Date: Nov 03-05, 2017

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Welcome to ICAIIP 2017!

(Call for papers)
Sponsored by the Atlantis Press, taiyuan university of technology to undertake the first high-level international conference on intelligent information system of academic conference ICAIIP2017 on October 13, - October 15, held in taiyuan in Shanxi Province, China, is now soliciting intelligent information processing and information management related fields of innovative search papers.
Good news: the information of this meeting has been published on the official website of the French publishing house Atlantis Press, and all published papers will be published in Advances in Computer Science Research (ISSN 2352-538x), and will be given to CPCI for retrieval.
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The aim of ICAIIP 2017 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians, as well as industrial professionals, to present their research results and development progresses in information processing. It provides opportunities for delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future cooperation.
Information processing is a major category of academic disciplines, concerned with information and the relationships among computer science, information management, social science, etc. With the rapid development of industry and information technology, researchers in all fields begin to discuss a new idea connected with information processing, that is the study of how to do advanced intelligent information processing. Further, the idea refers to the use of intelligence information processing system in feature cloud computing, big data mining and application of Internet of Things. Information processing can also be useful in other application domains, such as software development, hardware development, financial management and social management. This international conference aims to gather unpublished, high-quality,research papers on the topic of information processing in a diverse range of fields.

The scope of conference topic include but NOT limited to:
1: Information processing of cloud computing
1.1. Feature recognition of cloud data
1.2. Target tracking of cloud data
1.3. Object measuring of cloud data
1.4. Detection and segmentation of cloud data
1.5 Mobile protocols and algorithms for cloud data

2: information processing of big data
2.1. Content understanding of big data
2.2 Realtime information processing of big data
2.3 Reliable information processing
2.4 Mobile embedded sensor networks
2.5 Information processing of embedded platforms
2.6 Information programming model for mobile big data

3: information processing of Internet of things
3.1. Information recognition of Internet of things
3.2. Information storage of wireless networks
3.3. Artificial intelligence information processing systems for Internet of things
3.4. Internet data processing
3.5 Security policies for mobile multimedia big data services

4: information processing of medical imaging and health
4.1 Medical image processing
4.2 Distributed storage architecture of medical data
4.3 Mobile information processing and compression for medical images
4.4 Storage approaches of mobile information streaming

5: information engineering;
5.1 Fuzzy system
5.2 Neural network
5.3 Parallel and distributed system
5.4 Embedded system
5.5 Computer vision
5.6 Artificial intelligence
5.7 Biostatistics
5.8 Bioinformatics
5.9 E-commerce
5.10 Project management
5.11 MEMS
5.12 Very large scale integration (VLSI) and SOC
5.13 Electronic design
5.14 Human-computer interaction
5.15 Management information system
5.16 Geographic information system


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